Friday, July 04, 2014


try and see this as a work of art,
the path of the crazy electron,
overcome the desire to make a mark,
just ignore the seahorse, each
person is a molecule, this is only
trying to say something to the
english reader, i see your name
on every piece of paper, reverse
the deterioration, what do you
have against seahorses, white gel,
the toner goes on in patches, the
way the light reflects off the
toner, seeing shapes in the black,

what can we say this time that
we didn’t say last time, looking
for clues in the noise, where does
this noise come from, you might get
some nice build up if, streaks in
both directions, that will be
where is star, gouging the toner,
the reflection of the light
turns the black to white, free
noise, photostatic art, hero you
say hero, glomming, perhaps these
should be dated, the information
is long gone but, an end is nigh.

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