Monday, July 21, 2014


an anti-western, the broom of
the system, heptaparaparshinokh,
bioregionalism, fetish cheese,
the aitch army, the aitch army,
yc cluster, no cluster, donkey
jacket potato, tampa harness and
wagon, jack grimes, jazz
forever, king rat, a black mark,
tfsa, leon uris, will be
processed, no such unit, gligor
on ginsberg, siting the other,
resublimate, candlelions,
break art, to come, xortex,
you and me on a desert island,
moved and left no forwarding
address, one should have gone,
everybody is jockeying for
position, your loved ones, you
ain’t gone far, gurf bear,
you’re loved once, may is
long gone but, from the drop
in centre to art central,
sunday is long gone but,
june is long gone but, monday
is long gone but, june was
coming, blaze dammit, this
is still coming, i saw you
when you were here, booty,

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