Wednesday, July 02, 2014


the single word: softly, behind
the firewall, rain stick, honne
and tatemae, atlas coal mine,
bubble fiction, amae, karōshi,
hikikomori, freeters, passive
object love, parasite singles,
collective hardware, DEC 21 2012,
one hundred tonnes of lsd,
boisea trivittata, first we
eat then we write poetry,
this garbage cost me,
botanically brewed, speedwell,
days we actually did
something, jumbo bee, actual
chicken, discussants, poiesis,
a culture of abuse, the
culture of complaint, the
feminization of psychotherapy,
triumph of the therapeutic,
psychic reality, evidences of
the cunning of history, the
politics of memory, trauma
workers, neuropsychology,
a woman’s field, sequelae,
cathartic abreaction,
secondary traumatization,
it only takes a second or
two to make a determination,
grey concrete highrise,
jackson mac low’s daily
life procedure, editrix,
veridical, coveys,

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