Saturday, July 05, 2014


the secret aroma, call it a
knob party, get to, bochum,
kiera, blank avenue, purple
pencil, a rent in time, ccb
cluster, cluster of empties,
it’s a little off to the left,
all llama, when you get to
the bottom, flexibility of
the repressions, access to the
unconscious, invention of the
world, must quit oh smudge,
ribbon jam, word ray, the
cultural hors d’oeuvres of
europe, the humanization
dream, radical slapstick,
thynnunculi, onocrotals,
never trust a policeman, i’m
thinking of a number, the
daring young man on a
flying trapeze, vulva love
lovely, and sleep until noon,
david antin definitions,
electric tibet, she instead
had gorgonzola, dialogues
with thirty-three variations,
lost ambitions, the art of
being joyful, clocks and
clouds, worker’s abc,

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