Monday, July 14, 2014


mamihlapinatapai, protein
kinase c-epsilon, parmacotto,
heart hanging like a plum
bob, don’t yadda yadda me,
bamboozed, shadowpriest,
cervelat, cogclg cluster,
blagging, concrete diagnostic
system, risperdal, tardive
dyskinesia, reverberating
circuit, hoarding disorder,
biederman’s experiment, just
mice eyes, next we go to
zackistan, anal leech, swim
thru paper, trichotillomania,
sluggish cognitive tempo,
abridged somatization
disorder, shuush, geospoof,
special add and pass, back
and forth from paper to
electronica, it’s just
scribbling people, now put
them into a booklet, it says
on the videocassette, wait
wait back up to rich right,
wine-art, i think we
already have a copy of this,
it is easy to love the people
far away, blackcroft,

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