Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"geleogenic kakistocracy"

the sambas stream toad, poetry
salesman, claritas prizm,
coffee’s for closers, claritas is
quidditas, geo-demographic
clusters, neuro-linguistic
programming swish, moby doll,
geleogenic kakistocracy, death
of a poetry salesman, ansonia
latidisca, rainbow toad, ross
priddle cluster, comc cluster,
dear wet mess, ripple spats,
dunedin, instructables,
qingxuebeer, sad face sew-on
patch, sfsop, fold the tape in,
up-family, how do you open your
mail, that same black mark,
after the battle of prine,
meta-aesthetic, permugenesis,
a textual life form,
textual fossils, ephemeral
history commenting, metapoetic,
paradoxides paradoxissimus,
textual shells, you know what
this means, up that point size,
a para-western, marty panterel,

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