Monday, July 07, 2014

"tahina pekmes"

the cluster ban coalition,
bile love it, mail oranges,
orange cluster, particle study,
the writing took over, jobowa,
shawville blvd, guipure lace,
do not process, menteur tecumseh,
casting art upon the waters,
the myth of complexity, gar
seventy-four, not stand, big job
of crazy work, self dealing
statement, your webside hadz
food on it, or pad an ass, if
you jump ahead, graphite oxide,
super sand, churrasco, bomzhe,
orange-robed monks, apsaras,
his electric eye compiling,
venus envy, human control
that everybody, burrata,
tasting instrument, obliscence,
ut translatio natura, nomos,
meta-museum, post-plasmatic
visualization, the perverse
solution, weak thought, a
duck’s breath cure,
subtractive stone rooms,
madamas, lebne, tahina
pekmes, capture the moment,
places of existence, ghost of
the medusa,

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