Friday, January 27, 2006

start a new unit, a plays

start a new unit, a plays
stoopit, writiring, your one big
shot down, see log, penny matter,
very anti, what does one know?,
ex-penny sure, strange operation,
the two thousand and one a
time oddity, margins schmargins,
jockeying for position, aum,
file things down to size, gym
period, sexable, egg one, still
pestering, tool ate, mist
reality, falling of the map,
yer cyber-self versus your
real self, tube is e-, art is,
meaning centred writing,
pure day, what is this motion?,
the art of exit tense, passed
present future glow,
craft paper, lost in scare
quotes, the condition of no
paper, this is not death (is
it?, boxes within boxes, non-
accessible information, reams
of information, what did it
all mean?, presort, exsort,
respond to stimulation, fab
brick, post-stimulation,
check yer records at the
door, spill slip way, the year
infinity, catalogue of facts,
you’re on the web, poetry
mouth, eye has been meaning,

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