Friday, January 13, 2006

you play the enemy, columbian

you play the enemy, columbian
window, the extra centimeter,
cannot record, hot weather
hockey, earting, optical
measure, piano labour, the
zen of war, the first thing
to know about fonts, coach
house enflame, speed the
plough, actual balance, both
item one, buy talk, select
spawnpoint, soda press, too
many flowers spring from the
moss, pustule hat, imation,
juddering, caca du roi, mail
collage, poemetry, don’t even
recognize yourself, back on
the scene, mannequinism,
annotated contact list,
crystal radio, international
alliances contacts, time
sensitive document, propelling
anti-matter, cheshvan, blotting
out text, experience nothing,
this is making no demands,
recycle silicon, grabacle,
we don’t have the technology,
ficted, apocatastasis,
anapochrypha, cinematic
registration, awestricken,

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