Thursday, January 12, 2006

eating serving, food scenes in

eating serving, food scenes in
women’s writing, enter the
compound with haggard, tirtha,
drink and be whole again
beyond confusion, paleographers,
ingperwhis through the hole
of his hat, pigeon milk, copy
to erewhon, intermediately,
baby-whisperer, flipguide,
lili saint cyr, cholent kishke
varenikes, kimmel, twelve
point one, gray monk lat,
psyche fee, not exactly shod,
partial address, buddha slap,
maiandra radio, contains new,
you not, slap assembly,
cunk, you did not it, not
polyonymous, new let, contains
paying, maiandra revolver,
radio haiku, buddha fail,
firm pictures, pictures in
movement, thou shalt not
gloat, spudge, trying to
keep a breast, plenty to
say about nothing, umbrella
menders, alt classic, ham
costume, trailer-gut, gesehen
hat, cederhout, psychological
automatism, meum and teum,
terminal equilibrium,
chaotically free,

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