Monday, January 23, 2006

memory blank, speckled words, crap

memory blank, speckled words, crap
on the window, forgorge, zen & a,
solutions built around you, in
with the out, collection of canons,
test message, munged paper,
talk latin, secrete code,
valuable words, still to fly,
it went thru, van post com,
pure post, what’s in an eye?,
no, eye makes it upsidedown,
textual balloon, destruction
of text, resurreal, hearing time,
psychic time, how many copies
of this will be needed?, brick
deterioration, toxic material
contents, found prop, photo gloop,
reader’s indigestion, intoit,
need a score card, why? why?
why? why? why?, calligrafreek,
open as in closed, could of,
for rest products, touch the
rosetta stone, what do you
intend to leave behind?
imp possible unit, invest
time bank, exzac, prozine,
read able text, less than
a word, you is not referring
to you, pass it on not is sap,
psi kick, labour paper,

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