Sunday, January 01, 2006

ex-newspapers, poor richard, never

ex-newspapers, poor richard, never
say being, thanksgiving sunburn,
breakfast is ready, free cell,
pick a wing, zen change, a
slobbring glutton, snail-mail
consciousness, moss blooms,
caller herring everydaily,
changed endocrine history, a big
flowered hat, overversion, ver
cult, eejit, gurrier, read as far as
you can read, no need to
examine this, behatan, zing
it all out on the web, still
robbing, a is equal to be,
nothing fragile in here, solid
paper, something likely hap,
a letter of apology, loyo, chunk
numb, will answer to will, select
brown, wax frame, failing to
participate, the paper business,
you in ten years, unresponse,
the when of reality, you don’t
really want to be, the single
letter k, the years go and
come, ubber, this could fly
again, in trance, out trance,
slicker city, ex-ray, shuffle
to the top, blank heart, for in
the event, share this with, when
your head is at, tonight! came
and went, deluxe recycled, no
recognition of any event, look
frow, box the present, pri,
ouvre-size, at this time, postmotion,

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