Sunday, January 29, 2006

still room for more writing,

still room for more writing,
just scribbling, inspired
scribbling, maintain word,
if words could talk, steady,
working threw it, just
ignore these lines, genetically
modified self, this is
supposed to exist, this is
going to be the original,
never wrote it, a word like
this, we are in the cave,
imagic, one iota of diffirence
, textual buzz, lunatext,
side by side by side, blanker
than thou, what the eye
desire, h-mu, blue sky
research, inedite, another
aspect of reality, the same
language, dig deeper into
the text, zen texts, drug
shovel, drug original, “,
retire text, tv shot, R ,
say for zero, make it look
like a letter, mark
something else, isitis?,
you sage, this tort, filled
full, ink the magic angle,
now we are near the
end, the nitty-gritty
in quebec city, what is
underwriting this?, tru,
hypo-subject, deal leader,

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