Saturday, January 07, 2006

pish, number of blanks, set

pish, number of blanks, set
free from the page, up the point
size, unbond, cumshaw, clivia,
recolte, amyl trance, hirculeads
has an eatapus complex, ropa
vieja, a generator attached to
nothing, sexual voiding,
concrete labourers, high energy
in their charged, concrete
melody, cacovisy, money storm,
body floating up, floating
back around the word, thalpha,
syment, fourteen pages and a
cover design, remove the word
cover, asking why, applesh,
sex tans, um erstickun, crux
norma, previous publication
does not matter, pick a star
any star, this letter is not
for you, mensa fornax, volans,
pyxis, reticulum tucana, vela,
heliiz, cluster leader, hostile
aboulia, trance caucasian,
chemilumi, heroic hats, we
can’t get the poem out of
our head, whole books full
of the same poem, thu, extend
beyond the edge of the page,
trance apparent see, where the
letters happen to fall, print
on the copy, nothing is
trying to be said, apropriapus,
robodic, meaning language,

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