Sunday, January 08, 2006

how do you come up with these

how do you come up with these
numbers, is it worth copying,
use your hand, whole family
lives, let your memory speak,
wwwalking dot, yards of
blank, trying to set the text
free, test your memory, how
you get the words to the
paper, mere repetition, still
unfolded, hoose, you eating,
the monotype, fresh cating,
easily reshot, cating text,
fresh trace, monotype
thumbprint, the first texts,
eating free, you play awestruck,
the one hand, all the mississippi,
leating orange, renseignements
orange, lay the texts back to
rest, paper mileage, to you it
is a copy, pass it to, can you
read the symbol, you can be
in my world if i can be in your
world, truly back on the map or,
will answer to anything, books
make me cough, a hintlet of
cross exam, chargehand, gray
wall, the same usual as
always, stage irish, to blue-sky,

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