Saturday, January 28, 2006

reink our nation, double difference,

reink our nation, double difference,
near art, dewing & renewing, old media,
what went on, clear history,
whatever the art market can
bare, the ongoing between money
and art, follow all links, asciing
you, floating at zero, dear daily,
shill eye, live writer, concrete
image, artsupply, information
wants to be free, undertanding,
this is already read, hardly
used at all, how we lost touch
with reality, general date,
cdgh, eye take that back,
adding to nothing, shoebox
unit, re-elict, good lie bare,
discluded, what is this doing?
, sweep the deck, just another
word in a long line of words,
what is a number?, word will
set you free, gyno gyro, wrong
colour but, eyeless in gaza,
run with itness, know way
out, actual money, hasn’t
changed mush, foist on the
nation, need more info?,
illegal size paper, workin’
in the word mine, why is
this text incompleat?, pick
a text any text, word trip,
making matters most, put out
the callbox, duct tape binding,

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