Tuesday, January 24, 2006

between text, decent paper, yff

between text, decent paper, yff
kyk, live on line, onezero re: zeno,
blank & smooth, the paper itself,
the copier window, saint stain,
the broom’s weeping, we do this,
actually do, re’search, cratch,
rusty staples, on the table,
plat, who did what, imp pen,
concrete answers, metalocation,
counterotics, for fear of
marking it, no dot, link clean,
a thot arriving, descum, is
the sun setting or rising?,
strange frames, blur digital,
reason why reason?, graf
frag, make beauty, how to
tell, there is consciousness
but no, map blank, this
particular document,
trad art, where you see it,
more wrongs than rights,
foist! foism, ziz szound,
one center, age & area, insider
insider art, books for
everyone, how many machines
you go going there?, it won’t
wash, criminal photography,
event must be entered,
exploding r, time & text,
free reefer, reference-free
lit, cross-trance, dollsar,

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