Wednesday, January 25, 2006

not about the words, nexist,

not about the words, nexist,
art trap, bulk politics,
beyond zed, the text does not
mind, ambiguate, put a
word down on it, blank verse
in the full sense of the term,
a useful error, sign again,
eurocan, it’s just poetry:
nothing to be afraid of,
a reasonably serious
currency, and one to onward
, doubledouble writing-
writing, a rubberstamp
moment, a readm, the net
effect, nyc sync, post-
canadian, immaterial
money, a wide foundation,
postthematic, canada
from portuguese for
nobody here, mediography,
we have always been
global, the toronto make-
believes, a state of
light, art labour, zound,
love: resistance in the
material, we r, open the
doors of language, ink
skid, calm unification,
combegin, crossflow, work
elbow, grease the text,
this ain’t freefall, e-ex,
sense frontiers, all this
is just in our heads, rev,

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