Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"atom secret"

consumed in the processpool,
the programmar, colour our,
crappier’s books, oh when?,
trick fold, all the empty space,
hyperspace button, step back
a little, an adverteyesing
feature, emptying the set,
addition of metal, to the edge,
depends how good yer
computer is, barcode text,
eye can’t hear it, too big
for the boxing, priviliged
information society, could
you look it up?, the textual
body, how does that want to
be done?, outside the box,
hairy potty, read with all
your might, pointing outside
the set, somehow different,
peacing it all together,
are you a letterhead?,
stick yer eye on it, secret
leaflet, critical massage,
watermark art, against
joys?, do you expect anyone
to read this?, is the container
part of the set?, infinite
set, empty set, easy for you
to read (cuz you wrote it,

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