Thursday, September 02, 2010

"copies of copies with no originary referent"

inclusion zine oh!, same agains,
waiting inanimatly, e in there,
something fell, finding a way out,
for the time being lost, trance
value, incredit card, not going to
beleeve the big stories anymore,
mechanical agency, the terrain
ahead, beyond the word, copies
of copies with no originary
referent, profounder depthless-
ness, whether you’re decoding
or recoding: you’re crazy,
milk talk, writing to forget,
motor stereotypywriter,
thot-deprivation, join the
clang association, speaking
thru tubes, a language all
to oneself, public enema
number one, beyond language,
pair of these-heres, without
gramma, wit out rhetoric,
read or it wasn’t, thru out into
outside in, he’s dele(te)rious,
disobedient tongue, apostrophe
zed?, the time we were away,
piling down, […], in poor taste
to be poor, want to know what
he said, in another hand, isnow
, POSTAL, crossflower, ink clue,

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