Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"sylfaen sildenafil"

lugpo, xanax amohat, sylfaen
sildenafil, adcb, no matter how
long you stare at the text, a
cluster of imperfections, the
iraqi manicure, freedom shoes,
tlaloc, krait, dhurries, prison
art, the famous john smith, olla,
envelopes in the flesh, caustic
jelly portraits, rivism,
guajalote, varmint canada,
the meat thereof, lunchmeal,
searching for blood, the moment
the magic unrolled, searching
for pearls, european paper, german
paper, why don’t you hand colour
these copies, communications of
the insane, after seeing genius
at work we are none the wiser,
we ought not to get behind this
insanity, hand first, the hand
you committed the crime with,
fill an entire eight-and-a-half
by eleven with typing, any
communication that once was there
is long gone, jpg stands for,
some monster is evolving, toner
graffiti, it doesn’t even look
like information anymore,
writing about typing about
photocopying, we need to have
some higher level talks, what
is this thing i published
all about anyway, erase temp,

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