Monday, September 06, 2010


□∙ , deter your oration, freaks too,
canadian ice burg, individ , crow?
, a productive reading, nontheory,
ecopostmodernism, stoic ink or
pour real, how about postcapitalism?
, metandmorefussed, newly skilled
in affairs, misnoamer, what is
the the me?, post-present,
situate yourself, no-thematism,
axiotlology, is detail femenine,
trance-ferred between partners,
eww!, for the eyear, wount fit,
fluidentity (canny-ing, trance
fear ants, trance alivedead,
trance parentchild, sexual trance
, a youthful mind, word salad,
split remains, meaningless
repetition or imitation of the
actions of others, echo praxis,
every sentence is a death
sentence, go read hear say do
think, smelly words, cchchchchatter,
hold fast, reconstitute, saint
art, promotional material,
antimotional immaterial,
pnhang, bid good nite, more of
your own, where’d they all go?
, our (oh you are), apparently writing,

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