Friday, September 03, 2010

Jan. 1/07

1) have a seat in the rubble
1) $2500 for coke
2) enter the void, stand in the void
3) the insane fun we had together
4) lift the pink flap
5) we have crisper material
6) out of work
7) love
8) torn between heaven and hell
9) maybe you will find peace in jail
10) you who have flown so far away
11) nothing left to signify
12) tir a l’arbalete – kruisboogschieten
13) how are you making your marks?
14) a rubberstamp for everyone
15) a dangerous mind
16) mere obscene
17) let contact go
18) i do not care
19) re-attempt contact
20) gather up a complete set and ship it to you
21) increase the cashflow
22) who’s a millionaire now
23) still searching for what we lost fifteen years ago
24) small change (make a)
25) see number twenty (do)
26) keep it up for twenty years
27) there is no law that says
28) spend all of your life trying not to lose any time
29) sounds like a fine idea
30) antique bookmarks

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