Friday, September 10, 2010

"reading a book by the light of the computer screen"

a perfectly good peace runed,
the vulcana, gum it up, the
soul sister, the big turn-around
, are we for getting or against?,
feel as if you actually made a
difference, geeist & yer,
addressing yourself, wait a
minute [1:00], pure fect time,
reading a book by the light
of the competitor computer
screen, lost consciousness there
for a second, sign work, rapid
eye machine skiing, lack co-
de a sue, the trims ings,
up-over, diremption song
(taking back bottles, already
thru, don’t answer, phrased
out, by you, get high gourd,
the game of the name, look
now further, this text
contains, fed out, untrusty,
can i get a witness?
leaving issue, barely
beleev?, deterioration
of facts, up the value,
adopt the fax, corner
staple doodads, rough
shoddy, delivered,

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