Saturday, September 04, 2010

FEB 17 2008, 11 am & 4:30 pm

1) too close to the hole
2) this paper sucks!
3) to stick things to get her (oops, together!)
4) dated microfrags
5) the blocking chop

In Praise of Prejudice – Theodore Dalrymple


1) just keep writing
2) little did we know the last laugh would be on us.
3) do you think you know? (what art is?)
4) destroy all green space!
5) burstin’ thru the concrete!
6) smashed circuitboard
7) the difference is rotation only
8) “sark” (not as in “cutty”
9) insane graffiti
10) do not open / you can be badly hurt
11) what are the extras for? the extras are for sharing!
12) you’re not going to recognize your own children
13) we should have stayed on Valleyview Dr., but we didn’t
14) before the looming monstrosity was up
15) mail one of these to the esplanade
16) it’s a machine for making skyscrapers
17) it was so peaceful then
18) here’s another angle
19) crane narc
20) the graffiti is the first to go.
21) i wish i was walking down that hill right now
22) or better yet tobogganing down it!
23) it sort of lights into the brain
23) not everyone (anyone?) can read it

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