Wednesday, September 08, 2010

"miichanica metaluna"

schwa!, computer gibberish,
whose remains are? scattered,
for ex, trance mission difficulties
(errors, pressing so hard, iiiii
iiiiuiiii, em twenty-two!, away
back, wm wm wm wm wm wm,
a record of the trance(action,
chill charge, thanks to the mach-
ine, at staples, joining the man
, the state he was in when he
wrote it, shard, recreasing,
what went in, can’t even spell
the word, you put this in?,
over on the other side (the
other’s id (eye dee), up down
what’s the diff?, you lost the
originals?!, different kind of
machine, kinda like the feel,
no such thing as an original,
got the whole thing in, the
earwig glance, magica
margaritica mechanica,
underground journal, the
concept be gryphons, piß
, rise charms & stimuli,
talion punishment, the
planting trance, eye loving
, wrist strengthening, colour tech,

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