Sunday, September 12, 2010


might be confused, a full minute
of silence, the big care, outta
line, heavy paper bond,
mutual appreciation society,
briddle trance body,
misdelivered, station to station,
their’s different ways,
layered self, this line sign?,
that little scribble means me,
sign yer life away, nice
blank rounds, i comma &,
draft, the figures in bold,
fax font, exhibit aitch,
just lettin’ ya know, nice
paper, offices in, authorizome,
some date, hold the fold,
what douz this little mark
mean?, still work, suddenly:
smash!, little bit of paper,
upholstery button pop!,
conception of the evolution of
the human, alpine flowers,
historian does not encounter
comparable, name knowledge,
for the asking, asking for
it, look things up & down,
that’s where i took it,
build yer own geodesic
dome, engraved?, try to read,

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