Wednesday, September 01, 2010

FEB 18 2008, am (#3)

1. We are still @ one.
1. I don’t give a fuck.
1. you mean you stole this money from me.
1. one feels ripped off.
1. what? are you trying to shove this money down my throat?
or what?
1. I am the difference spotter.
1. can-ady (eng)
1. pay to the order of: to whom it may concern
1. no, it’s not complete. It’s not even started.
1. the interior pattern of the envelope is more interesting.
1. G Raymond we have your credit card
1. Mixed Sources.
1. you’re not gonna give your money away are ya?
1. the war was already on, long before you were born.
1. we need some film.
1. depends on the outside temperature (the fluctuations)
1. just keep draining me people
1. it’s a pattern cuz it’s not a pattern
1. spin class
1. choke me up!
1. a rubberstamp is a wonderful thing! all
1. an honest lawyer
1. can I get a breakdown on this?
1. watch you don’t scratch your lense there
1. E. & O.E.

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