Sunday, September 05, 2010

FEB 17 2008, 4:30 pm (continued)

1) the Angry Kids Crew
2) look how dingy reality is
3) Khost
4) the last outpost (of art) before the void
5) not the best (but the best is already gone)
6) trying to “bomb” in the winter
7) Skone, Pies, Khost
8) one remembers precisely
9) it looks 3D, but in reality…
10) it ain’t!
11) i took this photograph for a lunatic
12) throw it in the trance can
13) once you start entertaining lunatics…
14) does that mean Socrates is inferior?
15) heritage centre the esplanade
16) photos sure can capture time (freeze time?)
17) you could have more printed
18) moments before 2004

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