Thursday, September 09, 2010

MAR 01 2008, #5? 3:30 pm

“BC Apples” (bottom of the barrel)

1) throw that away
1) a rather ominous birthday greeting, no?
1) is this supposed to break my heart?
1) you have an evil heart & are widely hated
1) gritty reality
1) forty-something
1) we’ve got the thing itself handy (& it’s broken in 2)
1) how many copies of the blather do we need?
1) we are always already at nirvana (are we not?)
1) one that locks the letters in place
1) actually move from the beach
1) it’s the wild west, the wild wild west
1) there’s another summer rolling in soon
1) atc up!
1) the meat is long gone
1) once were doing (ain’t no more)
1) wouldn’t you love to be annoyed by that now
1) near ones gone
1) it looks quite organic
1) get over into the sk side?
1) civilized people
1) now we are down to nothing
1) finding uses for absolute trash
1) perfectly good art
1) what can you say about nothingness?
1) the selling of the whole idea of mail
1) from me to you
1) drugs
1) boilin’
1) buddaboo

(here we are back home again)

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