Tuesday, June 04, 2013

"life is art enough"

fannish activities, baileux,
trappist beer, peche mortel,
could you put the penny back on
it, alsace, sdgb cluster, your
mental time, cloud whitening,
biochar, juked, calycanthus,
meta-consistency, bio-robots,
soleri notebooks, no true bill,
ecowareness, you’ve got a handle
on my hand, joy choke, thinking
chevies, er corn, without any
subventions, your secret life,
rydal way, needles to say,
art versus war, arte ala carte
canton, kaby utca, xago, score
the paper, oronzo liuzzi,
antientropical man, the four
wolves, ceccotto alessandro,
fernando fiaccadori,
andreotti, sketch time, dode
vis, xylolino, los almendros,
standart, congress of one,
photocopy your hand doing
something, umberto stagnaro,
snail art company, metanet,
pfusch-art, otrzmuja,
life is art enough,
christine koschel, das ende
der taube, marcel stüssi,

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