Monday, June 30, 2014


heatwave quicksand, superbalife,
cabbagepatch satan, whatever will
mail, smoking light, i printed
up twenty-three hundred of
these, you have a very something
hand, duck building, brassy,
a tart trap, ardour post, ripening
up art, you knew what the rules
were my friend, from boeing
defense to amnesty, full beaver
moon, the sick government labia,
corporate labiacratic neo-
fascism, bribesmaids, linden
economics, gelsemium, polari,
hat gag, two ships that sunk
in the night, bubblegum
arrows, the first inspector,
divert the flow, start using
cash, ginger oranges, today
is doubleday, nobody owns
the word all, all labia,
trauma theory, take your
pennies somewhere else, trance
fenestration, vividly orange
crumbs, acid green, and it
won’t cost you a penny,
ralph violently and the dry
heaves, gypsy roofer, official
or unofficial police,
contreenquête, painings,
analysis in wonderland,

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