Tuesday, December 06, 2005

ban ray, all permanent, sablefish,

ban ray, all permanent, sablefish,
time insensitive, out of date
out of time, this is up for
sale, copied free, tie pit up,
can we get a trance here,
depends on who rings it in, do
you want the receipt, total
literature bong, dusty eight,
trance seven, all in the bucket,
cyber-risk, odilon species, no
eye, time drr, prairie death,
still visual, faint eight, live
forever in the network, seven
trance copy, copied to be done
what with, the odilon, time no,
still prairie, being in the
wallet, what does kay why
stand for, shira, here is the
spelling of, user fee, as is, can
exist in harmony, imaginary
avenues of cash, humans could
co- exist, the burin, litcam,
webelos, an epochal fedora,
astral potatoes, annatto,
itself-lessly, tzara’s hat,
kaleidoscopic rapidity, tries
to sell hats, encasing cars
in concrete, the starist, from
hat to that, kraal, vipassana,
the nagual, shekinah, the
school of stare, the
assemblage point, diatriba,

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