Sunday, December 11, 2005

rock wall, this is not a font,

rock wall, this is not a font,
the absence will become blank
presence, hockey-nomics, recycle
brilliance, coffee dunce,
cellular energy levels are high,
print the entire folder, this is
more of an error, saint twenty-
three, italic glare, ex-play,
meant to be folded, golden
measure, compare e-mail clients,
call it a make ready, whole
lotta blank, a different method
of reproduction, picking up a
faint trace of teasel, trim off
the words, you will be remember,
remove without a trace, ghost
trace, no such thing as blank,
one lost comma, a thousand
various versions, the initial
error, coffee fly, points off
in a dozen different directions,
artist supplies, colour original
sin, saint already, twenty-three
fee, glarify errors, pristina
merem, no italics, ex-motion,
play this, newspaper twenty-
three, still columbarium,
yahoo registered, down nigh
seven, some labour we did,
the name of the labourer,
been here longer, high-end
concepts, explaining hard
concepts, baboo, planetary
poet, orange newspaper,

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