Wednesday, December 21, 2005

is the computer working,

is the computer working,
rascagadam, photobank, busy
being used, hammer up some
guts, collage meister, card
bank, nanotube, spintronics,
trance def, hat extra, mass
meme exchange, warsextreme,
logorgasm, blunt trance,
warm wax, the internet
community, make it into art
right now, turn it from art
back into nonart, subledgible,
the urge to publish, hardly a
sign, art hell, blank pizzle,
imp peach bush orgasm,
tangle theory, never thought
we’d see the time again,
blanko, reisen, palp plap,
double elbowed, dang clung
pause, of course there’s strings
attached, bakuba, one at a
time or, could easily become
art, the begin and the end of
art, no need to say what to
do with it, druk, who has
time has, the error is better
uncorrected, merecat, mere
paper, webdocumentation, rep
per, naamfeest van, who’s yer
face, we thot we, dada dodo,
further understanding, y!
indeed, eat right!, no argue,
this is true, new roses, meme
or eyes, baughx, nails on chalk,

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