Sunday, December 04, 2005

maiandra marlett, clearly info,

maiandra marlett, clearly info,
moving sleep, the change over
point, looks for all the world
like real, line ‘em up side-by,
godda use, marzine, whatever
the words are back there, poccnr,
a hundred and seventy-three
centimetres, gesertifiseer,
blingage, tlb, tack ‘em all
together, bothing, boon to,
yellow dig, consent bell, ear
boo, lucinda stands, any pen,
travel curettage, no rotating
needed, toz, enskyment, cluster
of phish, emprunte, winpower
wine, a greater realism,
contemporary domestic warfare,
sousveillance, digital insect,
ech elon, nanny-cams, turbo
mail, smear the ink, gibbosus,
epyllia, etidorhpa, semreh,
the entirety of human
historical civilization, crypto-
nihilism, pseudo-genial blank
horror vacui, ben day dots,
when i hear the word ________
i reach for my revolver,

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