Tuesday, December 20, 2005

not passing any ports, crapula,

not passing any ports, crapula,
is this an active, circus
freaks and poets, voodoo
chateau, interlintel, mash
culture, unthonged, stillage,
depsychologized, worm hockey,
language crystal, only visible
on the copy, where do you find
it, keep seeking you will find,
dot tee kay, how are you going
to add it up, he gives his all
to each stroke, fold it or
not, come as if soon ever, a
useful chunk, take events,
these could be made into a
book, goblin coach, now onal,
foreign red, not a republic,
bulk club boys, interact with
nothing, any relation plural,
indicating the fact that
this is an "original" copy,
innoseal, numb or number,
operate on the past, nothing
is entering nothing, rad
dreamer, foreign koia, now
who, onal this, take throw,
a text, coach wall, grid
fade, write over, false
shart, screw olp, kill off
the moss,

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