Thursday, December 01, 2005

radio-controlled pen, one pane,

radio-controlled pen, one pane,
unless we forgot the original,
how did this never get written,
reading between the commas,
the bus to russia, too many points,
saint ultify, forty year old
electric beaters, app rocks, the
dull scratched penny, ursatz,
the hidmost coignings of the
earth, auto-signature, the meta-
cipher, anti-sceptic, an economy
of waste, breakdancing
concrete, atl seventy-one dot
dll, the edition is infinite,
para-ceptual, translate the
english into more comprehensible
english, to break or not to break,
no gum needed, artflux, dabocaca,
postal trance, it’s a split, edof,
go with promise, the power to
print, eye sab, photocopies a
piece of paper, similar to the
fact, are you doing your best,
things get out of your hands,
making some sort of impress,
a rhapsody in bed, the search
is on, very incidental, tisue
wrapped, from colis to alpha-
bet, sing the letters, auto-auto,
makes printers of us all, she’s
not saying nothing, spelling
out noise, one to three, very
anti, correspondulence, white
out is paint, it’s about, hiku,

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