Wednesday, December 07, 2005

seven point five per side, page

seven point five per side, page
order may have changed, snap
it see, f-font mania, lexbox,
inhouse makeready, number nine
tee five or so, eye have cadged,
designated destination, road
sutra, trance allowance, empty
shine, extra drawers, invention
poetry, thought analysis, tacky
little pamphlet, rocknews, stitch
and bitch, designate anything
you want, rockpaper, when did it
pick up the speck, the words
petering out, blank invention,
extra empty, road trance,
cross designation, inhouse
colour, anonymous society,
keep the fake, let the original
go, the excitement of the highly
competitive, melismatic,
eco-plasty, iron into my hat,
problem of space, eratum,
free – hat passed, hafoon,
up quarks and down quarks,
compactifies, large hadron
collider, hawking radiation,
hanger chapter endings,
scientist-cum-authors, invade
canada, half tranced, chiffre,
revenant, communicate earth-
heaven, thusness, tathagata,
the blankest gaze, xaos genet,
chaos-feigning surfaces,
a-systasy, virtual trance,

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