Saturday, December 17, 2005

single sheet collage zin, what's

single sheet collage zin, what’s
the extra inch for, will print on
anything, we all dropped the
bomb, the thing itself is no
longer the thing itself, slash
fandom, kick kick kick, crudzine,
pulpitos, mini-fm, adzine,
hardily curiosing entomophilust,
cluster into rosebuds, samosis,
strombosis, watch the north,
heavy enough to crumble,
eternal chimera hunter,
take off the silk hat!, flash
zoom blog phenom, mind locks,
a highly collective efforts,
berdache, do seek their meat,
nice fall, fool poems, let it
blow away in the wind,
protocol of ions?, paying
attention to nothing, god
and science dominating,
whiteout, one doesn’t putz,
they are going, what are you
doing, the dead present, the
clamour rays,

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