Thursday, December 22, 2005

shone almost, publishine,

shone almost, publishine,
blank is intentional, lower
case lock, algerian capital,
read read wood, add it together
now or later, raising funds
for celebrities, exliterate,
nad, pan, the invention of the
television, the new normal,
the last crash, the day of the
dans, memory font, the all
important title, ten twenty-
five is gone, aobmil, homeless
in paradise, exmailartist,
jnana, jaba, japa, muon slurpie,
feather hats, any lively
purliteasy, amnis limina
permanent, lead d, riposta,
anitra triestina, eighth-note
high c, kunar trees, dust
kitties clustering, old moss
lies on unturned bones,
bones from the grass and
moss, commitment to the
highest expressions,
compellingly endured in
the heat,

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