Friday, December 09, 2005

weigh the item up, chaosmosis,

weigh the item up, chaosmosis,
scandisk is running, falls
tart, hockey boots, the original
is still mint, highlight
purchase, useless photocopy,
divide your suffer, original
paper, the state of the piece
has not changed, blank plank,
random address, alienism
silence, antiblog, postal shoes,
kitchen curry, pish language,
how chuffed, still needs to
be set free, how pish, how to
staple, random alien, blank
indication, how how, resume
nothing, what about before,
in the chaos file, chaotic
smear, has a natural orient,
the ride line, right to the
line, how vacuum, how the,
indica hand, still fix,
remove hyperlink, visual
pottery, unblahblahblahable,
borobudor, electric magpie,
hagion chiton eraphon,
saint elibate, do you wash
your garbage, come in handy,
chromemulous, paxillated,
nothing can be done, from
the time of the roman
occupation, the penny is
skyrocketting, concrete
chair, peignoirs, ped xing,

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