Friday, December 30, 2005

a hill of thorns, be against

a hill of thorns, be against
all forms of oppression, the
war is still now, being there
by way of text, blanko, long
infrared, la or la, christian
insanity, print multiples,
are they the same the same,
fluxus alberta, pin pin yn
vent, anarchyology, who is
your face, obviate poetry,
no time to sell, except by neg,
forward to the door, sift
thru, knuckle pop, poetry
superstar, three giant
ichneumons, imagine your-
self swimming, begs to be
folded longways, here we
have work to do, how do you
pay, rock row, we are all
swimming, writing to the
end, money is death, one is
being cut, down and fall,
postage is money, fifteen
at fifty, labitation, un
dessin, not storing long,
non-eventually, made crazy,
five million bucks, trick
the eye, start at the top,
stuttering reading style,

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