Wednesday, December 28, 2005

playing with real toys,

playing with real toys,
olympia twenty-six, take any
old piece of paper, bionic ego,
wooden stamps, gaze into the
picture, do docu, a little
booklet of text, meme site,
zen suspence, or thereabout,
bring colour, porn frag, how
many times removed from
the original, looks more real
in black and white, what will
be the fate of the text, what-
ever you do do, one as is, hat
eighty-nine, the original
impression, cut forth, come
ocean, where turns come, are
tuum, uncopied no more,
still chalk, laid out for
the camera, prystup, a classic
example happened, genug war
genug, illbience, orange silos,
threehatted, ecto palatinal,
the commodity readers, the
sudden emptiness of the

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