Thursday, December 29, 2005

x, face only an egg row, same

x, face only an egg row, same
name refers to, waiting for
nothing, human computer,
marmor, medicine trance,
ten twenty-four by seven
sixty-eight, from hand to
hand without comment or
expression, desaparacidos,
enuresis, borg, telamons,
it’s the same old moment,
falling off the list, feel
negative vita gen leef,
toner college, negative toner,
chunk forth, envelope for
tree, money is all in the
mind, millions going,
hereby served upon you,
need to be contacted,
the trip that included
concrete, date correction,
more of an ox, ti eye it,
removed for further use,
active concrete, occupy
copy, send it along, are
pennies got dirty, nega
agen, you can tell by the
bookmark, yes it made an
impression, here’s a hint
hear, this is bad etiquette,

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