Sunday, April 19, 2009

the done & the not done

have you ever seen this text before,
there is paining but no painer, if
you look inside here you might find
sex, if you look inside here you
might find death, memory
stones, remember norway, violence
as performed by, arbitrary
sentence, opportunity locks,
remember you are going to die,
save the frag discard the whole,
orange halifax, tower of the law,
look and see who died, monkey
wench, even stars, don’t you
want to hear, in the market
for nothing, everything it takes
to sell one, let’s get soft on,

putrefied soul, syncrude upgrader,
you want to be out in that desert,
don’t want no television, from your
high to your low, screaming at a
speck, we don’t want any solutions,
ringing a bell for the eye, blast
first alberta, didn’t we just see,
how long is this sentence, let’s
try zanzibar, consent to violence,
metal walls, eco-skyscrapers,
homeless real estate, a photo of
the book, weep on demand, you
better start looking harder, grave
fix, there will be no more busses,
christmas slap, paper intox, roll
a marble down balboa, choose nil,

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