Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"sublime negativity"

upsidedown e, multitudinous
repetitions, in action, meaning
less, the long way or instantaneously
, takes no time (takes forever,
getting beyond (time, spilling
out into the street, step away
from the flower shop!, stuck in
the footnotes, survey says......
discipline!, a little too awake
maybe, the merely unpresentable,
sublime negativity, the arrow
space, one has been meaning,
beneath the lime tree in flower,
(at night), i part, the male out,
letter’s home, true the duck,
malers, i’m already awake
thanks, people in other parts of
the countree, might never see
again, without an eye (towards,
one monoman, this very day,
a square of latex, starts to
repeat, making her squirm,
what’s your circulation?,
prefer to lick, look up the code
, tucked in (the back, the code
revealed, editioning, need to
be sterilized?!, inside front,
inside back, not used (for y? x,

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