Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"anna blume"

zugzwang, make stones using
concrete, solar parabolic troughs,
thunderdome, haarp, your
favourite pork products,
capitalism a love story, walrus
cluster, arte correo para el
mundo, zygopetalum maxillare,
the this project, fluxus montana,
pcrv, somnolent shelter,
searching with the locator,
kielce, ratskin recoords, the
haters, commit the murder of
colored ping-pong balls,
exquisite performance, reid
wood, jamie newton, imposition
event, quite a few feet of
thread, walter cianciusi,
fluxus mt, leahy center yoyo,
billings, clusters of jack-in-
the-pulpit, concrete pithy
statements, anna blume,
kafka and that poor girl afraid
to go to the postbox for the
mail, lume, your ideas help
other ideas, arial black
eleven point, housecleaningg,
sun time, he’s so funny,

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