Friday, December 05, 2014


haidinger’s brush, ganzfeld
effect, purkinje tree, joint
direct attack munition,
electromagnetic pulse, radio
mirchi, cervixes rendered, a
forward hopf bifurcation,
eigengrau, ‘istorin, prisoner’s
cinema, closed-eye hallucination,
sourdough, mastro, paper ream,
ccblpi cluster, falanges,
cluster of falcons, stark gate,
you probably already know the
secret, unit of variety,
pacheco pass, mailart: an annotated
bibliography, hamilton ten,
apple movie program, hitam post,
office supply buyer, the
confidence you have placed with
us, tiverton, mixtress, tonal
march onward, nunn bush,
pases, cirri, molded orange
plastic chairs, orange bong,
hypophalangial, wedekind,
bone trance, pro-pink, the purple
pill, tulip poplar, vru, fru,
time trabble,

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