Tuesday, December 16, 2014


esho funi, lithification,
whiteprint, pikeperch, high crime
environments, tokamak, harperization,
heavily haarped in europe chemtrails,
i need a bunch of bananas, b
cluster, zen cluster, synapses
wheel slip, kwik kopy krap zine,
rust never rests, lol swastika,
shutterfly superhero, yes fluxus
or no fluxus, ob scene akademie,
arbitrarily put in the group,
a human fetish, blue statement,
apare time, okay then, eleven
eleven, calgåry, zygomatics,
semion, living-room exhibitions,
gold sponges, synthetic telepathy,
techlepathy, psychotronics,
covert speech, silent talk,
self-historification, diazopam,
why the extra gee, yalla
montreal, there’s nothing on
tv, ua mau ke ea o ka āina
i ka pono,

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